Updated Lists And What Not

After a long delay I have finally updated the dividend lists including the REIT list and newly published MLP list. As I mentioned earlier I’m working on a lot of new developments for this site. The first I hope to accomplish will be adding the distributed cash flow (DCF) and the Coverage Ratio for each MLP to the Master Limited Partnership List. I don’t know of a place on the web that has all of this data for each MLP which is probably due to the fact that it must be put together manually. That means I have a bit of work to do and a lot of manual maintenance that I may have to outsource down the road.

The MLP list idea came from reader David and I really appreciate the feedback. The MLP space is an area I had gotten lazy about and the suggestion motivated me to rethink how I could present a decent set of data points around these investments. It’s a complicated bunch that I hope I can help us all understand better. It will take me a little time to figure out how I can capture this data repeatedly (meaning updated) but I’m sure we will get there and build something great.

A few other developments I want to bring to the ladder include:

  • A dividend portfolio manger that I developed for another website. I own the rights to this app and want to launch it here. Initially it will be free but for some users but ultimately the data costs money and eventually we will have to charge for the service. Other sites charge a large sum for this data and I will have to work out the appropriate cost.
  • A dividend stock screener based on a lot of the dividend data already included in the lists on this site. Hopefully I can develop this off of Yahoo Finance and keep it free but if I have to source the data from pay for models then there may be a cost involved.
  • A stock quote search tool that has more free data than any other stock quote app on the web. This could be the coolest of all the apps I want to build. The dividend history graphs are already built into this site but some of the other data points I want to highlight will take some work.

I am excited about the work I have ahead of me. Thank you for all of your emails and comments. I really appreciate the feedback and I hope to build out a useful set of tools for the readers of this blog to use.


  1. Wow sounds like you have a lot of great stuff on the horizon. I am looking particularly at REITs right now, I like to see stuff that is out of favor and hated.

    • Dividend Ladder

      Hey Marvin sounds good. I’m hoping to build out FFO for each REIT this year. Hopefully I will have the time to get that done.

  2. Bernie

    I’m new to your site, thanks for providing this great blog. Just wondering if you cover, or would consider covering, Canadian listed stocks.

    • Dividend Ladder

      Hi Bernie. Thanks for stopping by. That is definitely something I’m considering adding to the list section.

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