January Highlights

January has been a cold month. Bitter temps and slumping markets are working together to slow down the good times. Really though this is giving cash hoarders another opportunity to get in. Dividend income in 2014 will be higher than ever before. While that is good news it is what we expected for this year and 2015.

My favorite posts in January:

If there was only one category of stocks you could invest in what would it be? Financially Integrated says Consumer Staples would be his choice and makes a solid defense of the strengths of these stocks.

Managing your own money is a great way to keep costs down and stay in control. But not everyone is cut out to be a DIY investor. The Div Guy has a good overview of the concept and what to look out for.

Congratulations to Dividend Mantra for passing 2 million page views with his blog with the last million coming in just 7 months. Way to go!

Check out DGSI’s dividend growth investment video. It’s about 8 minutes long.

Outlier Model discusses the Brown family’s lifestyle while trying to understand how to afford four houses. That is not for me.

Captian Dividend added shares of Chevron to the portfolio. A good long term choice.

My Own Advisor had a good post covering REITs and explained why they are a decent alternative to being a landlord. I know that I personally am more of a REIT investor than a rent collector.

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