Dividend-paying stocks are a time tested income producing investment option that should be at the core of every investors long term portfolio. Our goal is to make these types of stocks more accessible to the investment community by breaking them down into lists that make it easy to identify the right type of dividend stocks for each individual. We have a small sample table of each type of dividend stock listed below. You can click on the link above each table to go to the page with the full list.

The Best Dividend Stocks

Our list of the best dividend stocks is based off of our HPR rating that accounts for yield, dividend growth, payout ratio and much more. It is not a buy list and we are not making any recommendations. This list shows which high yield stocks have been the best over the last 1-5 years.
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Highest Yielding Stocks

High yield stocks get a lot of attention and sometimes it’s for a good reason. Not all high yield investments are safe investments. Its also important to consider how safe the dividend is and what kind of dividend growth can be expected. We all dividend stocks listed by yield. The table below shows some of the highest.
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Monthly Dividend Stocks

Most of us are surprised when we find out that there are stocks out there that pay a dividend monthly. The truth is that there are very few stocks that do this. This list is made of mostly of funds that pay dividends monthly. We’ve included a brief description of each fund.
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Safest Dividend Growth Stocks

The word safe here applies to the dividend. These dividend stocks are considered to have safe dividends because the company had increased the dividend for 20 years or more. When a company has that kind of dividend growth track record it’s worth a second look.
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Do you have a list in mind that you’d like to see? Let us know on the contact page. Each section is usually updated monthly and there is usually a corresponding blog post to highlight changes and new rankings. Dividend investing does come with risk. These dividend lists are not buy or sell lists and are based on historical numbers and performance which in no way indicates what will happen in the future. Consult a financial advisor before making any investment decisions.



  1. David Estlack

    I really enjoy your lists and the way you have the stocks separated into “Best’, “Safest”, “Monthly”, etc. My suggestion is to provide two new lists one for MLP’s and one for REIT’s, along with the differences between the two headings. I know some stocks identify their orientation in their name, but others do not. How can I really tell them apart? And, how can I identify or recognize one from the other, if is not obvious by their name? What should I look for in the text about the stock to help me recognize them? Thanks.

  2. Ronny Pearson

    I just joined and viewing dividend history,I typed in my first symbol and it said
    you have exceeded the allowed searches per day

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