The Best List Of Master Limited Partnerships (MLPs) On The Planet

That is a bold statement that I hope the list can live up to. I have yet to find a better list on the web that includes most publicly traded MLPs. Many lists include yield but most stop there. I don’t think there is anything out there that has all of this data for each MLP one page, or even one site.

The MLP list that I’ve put together has a few standard choices like yield, dividend growth, and 12 month performance. I then went a big step further and tracked down the distributed cash flow and coverage ratio. The DCF data had to be gathered manually by reviewing press releases from each MLP (where applicable). The coverage ratio is then calculated using distributed cash flow and total distributions. Most of this data will be updated quarterly because it is only published by each company when they release quarterly results.

Taking it one step further I put together a simple ranking system based purely on the numbers. As always these rankings are based on historical data and have no indication of future performance. Also these rankings and lists are just a good place to start when researching investment ideas. The story behind the MLP is always more important than historical numbers. The ranking is based off of yield, performance, dividend growth and coverage ratio.

If you have ideas on how to improve the list I’d love to hear your feedback. For now I hope it is a solid start to publishing these key data points for (almost) all MLPs on one page. Ultimately it comes down to the amount of time involved in tracking down the data for each company. Somewhere along the line I have to limit how much time I put into updating this list.

Here is a short output. The full list is on the MLP page.

MLP NameSymbolIndustryYield3yr Div
Growth %
1 Year
Return %
Alliance ResourceARLPCoal5.5613.235.55121.42.7698
Targa ResourcesNGLSOil & Gas Midstr5.5810.536.69110.81.0596
GlobalGLPOil & Gas Midstr6.255.324.6823.21.495
Access MidstreamACMPOil & Gas Ref3.47245.555.54171.51.5495
DCP MidstreamDPMOil & Gas Midstr5.65517.19721.1394
Crosstex EnergyXTEXOil & Gas Midstr4.97142.771.6432.81.0194
Spectra EnergySEPOil & Gas Midstr4.75.929.982961.993
Magellan MidstreamMMPOil & Gas Midstr3.1913.332.18236.61.7993
ExterranEXLPOil & Gas Equipt7.123.631.9110001.693
Enterprise ProductsEPDOil & Gas Midstr4.195.420.7810211.5693

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