Will You Sell And Go Away?

Earnings season is mostly behind us and May is finally here. Is it time to sell in May and go away? For long term investors the obvious answer is no. I do think it will be interesting to see what the market does this year and I’m hoping that I will find a few value based entry points to continue deploying capital in my dividend portfolio.

Here’s a look at investment related posts I’ve been reading this week:

The Dividend Guy helps simply the qualification process for dividend investments with his four ratios for buying a stock.

My Financial Independence Journey takes a look at Caterpillar’s (CAT) dividend fundamentals. Is it worth a buy or is the yield still too low?

Passive Income Pursuit gives a very detailed explanation of the Dividend Discount Model. This is one of the most detailed explanations I’ve come across.

Does volatility bother you more than risk? Head over to My Own Advisor for a good discussion on risk vs volatility.

The Passive Income Earner asks if Microsoft is a utility? I think it has a lot of growth in its future which is why I started buying the stock back in April.

Speaking of May, Should seasonality be a part of your investment strategy? Sound Mind Investing takes a deeper look at this issue.

Financially Integrated gives a very solid overview for new investors that want to get started with dividend investing.

I always enjoy reading net worth updates. They are inspiring and help me stay focused.

Here are a few recent updates:

Million Dollar Journey – April Update
Project 3M reached a new mileston – 100k
Mr. 1500’s Net worth now tops – 600k


  1. I won’t be selling in May, at least not any broad portfolio selling. To me that’d fall under market timing and I’ve already been wrong for about 3 months this year about the markets being due for a pullback. I’d have lost my a$$ on that one. I have been hoarding a bit more cash and just trying to deploy some through selling puts but I’ve even been cooling off on that in case the markets due drop so there’s ample cash available.

    And thanks for the link. It was a great series to write up, especially with the large influx of comments I’ve been seeing from people new to DGI.

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