[nonmember]Dividend Income Tracker™ is a dividend portfolio tool for Dividend Ladder members.

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Section 1: Portfolio Overview
This tool can be used to track up to 50 stocks in your portfolio. We capture each section below with an image to provide an example of how the tool looks and works. The first section displays all stocks owned in a pie chart as well as the total portfolio value and overall portfolio yield.


Section 2: Stocks In My Portfolio
Here you get a detailed break down on each stock you have added to your portfolio. You can easily add, remove and update stocks with the respective buttons. Add, R (Remove), U (Update). Also included is the previous days closing price, value of each position, ex-date, pay date, share count and yield.


Section 3: Income Tracker
In this section you get to see all upcoming dividend payouts. Everything that has been announced by companies in your portfolio. You can select any month or click all to see every current and future payout.





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