Our dividend tools are meant to assist the dividend community as investors research and plan out the future of their portfolio’s. Currently we have the following tools available:


Go To: Dividend Screener
This stock screener tool is focused on the stocks listed on this site. There have been many requests for a way to parse through all of our lists at once to find just what you are looking for. This tool delivers that data. It is limited to stocks that yield 2%+ and trade on the NYSE, Nasdaq and AMEX.

Dividend Calculator

Go to: Dividend Calculator
The dividend calculator really has two forms based on investment type which allows each users to make predictions based on either an entire portfolio value or an individual stock. From there you choose if the investment is taxable, the tax rate, return rate, yield, etc… and the calculator spits out some very detailed data about the return you’d expect to get. This tool is just best effort so you can’t count on it for accuracy. Make sure to do your own calculations before making any investment decisions.

Ex-Dividend Calendar

Go to: Ex-Dividend Dates
This calendar shows readers when most stocks will go ex-dividend. This is the day a stock trades without its dividend. For an investor to qualify to receive the dividend they must own the stock and the close of trading the day before the ex-div date.


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