Momentum Is King

In my personal blogging experience momentum has always been king. When I’m motivated and feeling excited about what I’m doing I try to max out the momentum that it creates to get as much done as I can. Needless to say the last few weeks have been very busy.

Investment Guide Update

One new project I’m working on is the Smart Dividend Investing Guide. The fact that this is coming soon has already been well documented on the site. I’m excited to see what sales will be like especially since we will be giving 50% commissions to affiliates. Hopefully this will be an exciting opportunity for fellow finance and investing bloggers.

The guide should be ready by the end of the month but I need to get working on the sales page and checkout integration so everyone’s order can go smoothly.

New Pages

This week I published two new pages on Dividend Ladder.

The first will hardly be noticeable because its under the start link that used to just go to the home page. It has been over a year since I put that up and I’ve always meant to create a get started page but it just never happened until this week. The get started page should help new readers understand the flow of the blog and find their way around.

The second page that went up this week is the resources page. This page will grow over time as we add new resources on this site and write up reviews about products on other sites. I also decided to include a few bits of information for bloggers related to how we do what we do here at Dividend Ladder. Most of the links on this page are my affiliate links and I will earn a commission if anyone decides to purchase one of the products I’ve listed. I only list products I actually use and I hope others can benefit.

What I’ve Been Reading

If I Could Go Back
If I could go back in time, especially just 10 years ago, I would do so many thing differently! Ha ha. I’m sure everyone feels the same way but would you give yourself the same advice that My Financial Advisor would give?

Fear and Greed
I know a lot of people out there are trapped by the cycle of fear and greed. I think it is really important that we let go but many were scared by recent events in the market. We can’t let those scary days determine our future.

Ranking Dividends and Valuation
There are a lot of systems out there that ranks dividend stocks including the one on this blog. The Dividend Guy created a ranking system that accounts for current valuation and listed the 20 most powerful dividend stocks.

Investing Advice
Dan Mac put together a very creative post that gathered investing advice from 22 different bloggers. Each gave their take on investment advice for beginners.

$100k For Starters
I enjoyed reading this article over at The Conservative Income Investor where he answer an email from a reader that is looking to get started in dividend stocks. Tim tell’s a story about Charlie Munger and how important the first $100k is in building a portfolio. I’ll stop before I give the entire post away.

Fashion and Investing
Is your portfolio in style? I have to admit mine is not. The College investor makes some interesting points about fashion stocks.

Healthcare and Dividend Income
People love to hate the frugal plan that Dividend Mantra has laid out. The fact is that they don’t understand the position his portfolio will put him in 10-20 years from now. One of the biggest concerns people have is related to healthcare costs.

Buy List
I really need to get my watch/buy list posted up on this site. I like reviewing which stocks other investors own and I got to see what is on the starting from zero buy list.

Sell Intel
The Dividend Vet sold Intel and I think it was a good decision. Its never easy to let one like Intel go. It takes a lot of discipline to move out of investments that do not fit in with your strategy.

Your Strategy
Bryan at Income Surfer shared a story about his early days as an investor. He also provides some very useful advice on finding your own investment strategy and why he invests in dividend-paying stocks.

Buying JNJ
JC pulled the trigger and added more JNJ to his portfolio. It was interesting to see how he made the decision to invest in a high quality company like Johnson & Johnson even though it may not be at the best valuation today.

That’s all from me have a great rest of the week!


  1. Thanks for including my post DL! Glad you liked reading it and I appreciate the support.

    Watch/buy lists are great to post up and usually generate quite a bit of conversation on your picks, it’s always cool to hear other people’s opinions on the stocks you’re looking into. I look forward to seeing you post yours.

    Best wishes,

    • Dividend Ladder

      Yes good point. Getting feedback on your investment ideas is one of the best benefits of running an investment blog.

    • Dividend Ladder

      Things are going great with the site. Suffered a few downward turns lately on a couple of holdings but I’m sure I won’t mind 10 years from now.

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