This page is dedicated to investment products that I personally use and recommend to my friends, family and readers.

Premium Dividend Data
As a reader of this blog you are probably aware of our premium membership program. We rank dividend stocks, provide special dividend stats, offer dividend portfolio management tools hosted on our blog and much more. Take a look at the membership page.

Dividend Tools
We have an growing set of free dividend tools including the dividend calculator, dividend history tool and ex-dividend date calendar.

I do a lot of my research just by going to Yahoo Finance and keeping tabs on the latest stories popping up on stocks I own. When I need to use a screener I either use Morningstar or the screener I had developed here for premium members.

I’m always all over the quarterly reports that each company puts out to keep track of results and forecasts. I like to read what my fellow dividend bloggers are saying as well.

For Bloggers

There are a lot of benefits to running your own investment blog. Blogging helps to create a plan, discuss investment ideas and get feedback from other investors on your strategy. I wrote an entire post on it here.

This blog runs on Bluehost. They are a simple and easy to host hosting provider. I wrote a post that shows how to setup a blog in less than 8 minutes here.

This blog also has a lot of fancy tables, plugins and sign up forms running in many different places.

Here is a quick list of what we use and where:

  • Email Lists – We use Aweber and GetResponse for all of the email list services that we use to let people join for free updates.
  • Tables – We use the WP reloaded plugin by the great Tobias Baethge to display the dividend lists
  • Security – This site is monitored and protected by Sucuri Security
  • Exit Pop Over – This is made possible by the pro version of OptinMonster
  • Landing Pages – I’ve lost track of how many different landing pages are on this site but they are mostly created and supported by Leadpages
  • Membership – The membership section of this site runs using the Wishlist Member Plugin



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