Improve Your Dividend Skills

In April we asked you a series of questions about your investment abilities and what you wanted to change. The results were very telling. Just about everyone we asked said that they wanted to improve their dividend skills and become a better dividend investor.

Do you want to improve your dividend skills?

We expected that there was a need for a guide that would help our readers become better dividend investor but we were surprised by the results of the survey. Our team decided to get to work right way on developing a resource that could help all dividend investors improve their dividend investment know how and strategy.

Well we are happy to announce that the Smart Dividend Investing Guide is here! This guide was developed by our own Zach Ramsey and Certified Financial Analyst Joesph Hougue. This concise guide does a lot to help understand what dividend stocks are all about and their history of success in the market. It also goes into important details around picking dividend stocks and managing a portfolio.

This guide was released at $27 but after hearing from our readers that the price was too high we decided to drop the price to $9 to make it more affordable for everyone. We expect to keep it at the $9 price for the foreseeable future.

Smart Dividend Investing Guide

Here is a quick look at what you will find in the guide:

Intro – In the first section of the guide we explain what dividend investing is all about and how it works. This basic section is meant to be a starting point and provide direction to anyone new to dividend investing.

Power of Dividends – We show how dividend stocks have outperformed and explain the power of long term dividend investing with real examples.

Types of Stocks – We get into the weeds in this section explaining everything you need to know about standard dividend stocks, utilities, tech, growth stocks, ETFs and dividend funds.

How to Pick Them – Evaluating and picking stocks is not an easy task. We cover the process we use and what to look for when hunting down new stocks to buy.

Manage a Portfolio – We have developed many tools that help us to manage our own dividend portfolios. In this section we talk about maintaining a long term perspective and managing your holdings.


Get the guide here: Smart Dividend Investing


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    as a new investor can you provide stocks that are under $25.00,which pays handsome dividend.

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