Smart Dividend Investing

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Inside The Smart Dividend Investing Guide

The Dividend Basics

We start with the basics and briefly explain what dividends are and why companies pay them. We also cover ex-dividend dates and qualified vs unqualified dividends.

The Power Of Long Term Dividend Investing

We explain how dividend-paying stocks drastically outperformed the market from 1970 to 2010. In this section we cover the benefits of dividend investing, inflation concerns and Dividend Reinvestment Programs (DRIPs).

Types Of Dividend Stocks

Improve your understanding around each type of dividend investment including standard dividend-paying stocks, Utilities, Tech stocks, REITs, MLPs, ETFs and Funds.

How To Pick Dividend Stocks

This is where most investors can stand to improve. Joseph Hauge, CFA goes into great depth around understanding dividend fundamentals, valuation and forward expectations to help all dividend investors better understand which dividend stocks to buy.

Build And Manage Your Dividend Portfolio

In this section we cover everything from building a new dividend portfolio to when to sell a dividend stock. We explain common dividend investing strategies and even get into using options with dividend investing.

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