5 Investment Tools For Dividend Investors

5 Investment Tools For Dividend Investors

Over the last few years we have worked to develop some of the best investment tools available for dividend investors. Developing these tools has been a lot of fun and I believe this working set can be a useful resource for many of our readers. The feedback we have received is very encouraging and spurs us on to develop new tools in the future. If you have suggestions for tools you would like to see created in the future please leave your suggestions in the comment box at the end of the post.


Dividend Income Tracker: This is our most popular tool ever created. It tracks stocks in your portfolio, average yield, payout dates and overall value. Best of all you can see how much dividend income you will receive each month.

Dividend History: This tools allows users to view a graph of dividend payouts over a 10-20 year history. It also displays each dividend payout and ex-dividend date in a chart. You can lookup stocks on the NYSE, Nasdaq and AMEX.

Dividend Calculator: If you are a planner like me then you are often making calculations on your future. I use our dividend calculator to estimate future values and dividend income. I had our developers add in the table at the bottom just so you could validate the calculations. I’ve already seen this tool debated in a few forums but ultimately the integrity of the calculations prevails. Thank you to those that have helped others understand the complexity of this calculator and how it works.

Dividend Screener: If you have certain criteria in mind this tool will allow you to find stocks based on P/E, yield, income growth, dividend growth, payout ratio, performance and HPR rating. It is useful for sorting dividend payers but most of the results are only available to our members.

Ex-Dividend Calendar: For those interested in ex-dividend dates we publish a monthly list of stocks that are going ex-dividend. We keep everyone that is subscribed to our update list aware each time we publish these lists.

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  1. Your tools and lists are really helpful. Thanks Ladder. The dividend prospects I posted about this morning, all came from your “safe list”. I just set a lower PE threshold

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