2 New Tools and Another List Update

We formally launched two new tools this week as we get a little closer to going live with the membership portion of Dividend Ladder.

The dividend income tracker is now live and is explained on its dedicated page. This has been a useful tool for me in the past and I’d love to hear feedback from trial members about how it is performing. Look for a post dedicated to explaining how that tool works in the next few weeks.

Also published this week is the new ex-dividend date calendar. While it is nothing amazing I hope it gets the job done for those that like to see upcoming ex-dividend dates. I also tried to explain all of the different terms that surround ex-div dates on that page.

The list of stocks and funds that pay dividends monthly has been updated for February. This list is usually updated mid month because it must be done separately from the other lists.

I’m currently working on having a new logo developed which is a lot of fun. I’m also hoping to work with a developer to create a useful dividend stock screener but we will have to wait and see if that project can get started by the end of the week.

The membership wait list is growing faster than I had expected. Thank you to everyone who has expressed interest. Hopefully the cost will be affordable to most.


  1. Just as a heads up, American Realty Capital Properties (ARCP) is a monthly payer and doesn’t not appear in your updated monthly payer list.

    The income tracker and portfolio tool looks fantastic based on the screen grabs and brief explanation you have up. Great work on that!

  2. Wow! Glad to see things are rocking and rolling for you. When do you think you will open up membership again?

  3. Dividend Ladder

    Hoping to have things open to those on the wait list before March 1st but we’ll see.

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