What’s Happening – Dividend Edition

What a week it has already been. When things get tough the tough get going and that is what America is all about. Here’s a list of some great dividend and investment related posts I’ve been reading.

1. A very cool write up and video about the Dividend Mantra himself and his featured segment on the Today Show.

2. On a very similar topic and approach to retiring by 40 from Matt Krantz at USA Today. Can it be done? It will not be an easy road.

3. The Dividend Guy made a timely post earlier this week about an upcoming market correction. Hopefully he was able to wait this one out.

4. The Oblivious Investor had an interesting article about the size of your emergency fund and what to do if it becomes to big. Some time soon I will be sharing my own philosophy on managing your emergency fund but for now I’ll just say my thoughts are similar to Mike’s.

5. Thinking about buying a bank stock? Make sure you read Dividend Growth Stock Investing’s post about 37 banks that have strong dividend growth history.

6. Another post I really enjoyed covers living below your means. It’s an important message that we don’t take seriously enough in America. Thanks to Dividend Mantra for setting the example for us all to follow.

7. Sean Owen has a great write up on figuring out his passion and doing what he loves. It’s a fresh reminder that we don’t have time to waste working on things we don’t enjoy doing.


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