Weekend Reading: Investment Strategy

The media has been focusing a lot of attention lately on finding dividend stocks with low payout ratios. Payout ratios are very important, but so is dividend growth. When you come across articles that highlight stocks that could increase their dividend be sure to take a look at the recent track record of each company’s dividend increases. Some payout ratios stay low because slow growth companies increase the dividend at a very slow rate.

It has been far to long since we highlighted some of the great blog posts being published by other dividend bloggers. Here is a look at a few interesting articles we came across in the last few weeks.

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5 new dividend growth stocks to watch – From Dividend Mantra.

Dividend Income Update and review from Captain Dividend and DivGro.

Avoid the ego trap – From Financially Integrated.

See where Income Surfer is investing his money.

Take a look at the goals of Passive Income Pursuit.

3 cheap dividend stocks to buy right now – From Motley Fool.

10 dividend stocks that could boost their dividend – From MarketWatch.


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