Screen For Dividend Payers

Lists of stocks that pay dividends can be a useful resource to anyone looking for their next investment. We have been creating them for many years to help investors develop watch lists and generate ideas. Up until now there was never a way to search or filter these list down based on your own personal requirements.

Enter the dividend stock screener tool.


In February we released a new tool that allows members to screen dividend-paying stocks for P/E, yield, cash flow, dividend growth, income growth, payout ratio and performance. We use each of these factors to calculate the HPR rating which is also included in the screen.

As soon as this tool was up I knew it needed a face lift so we sought out to have it redesigned. It is now clean and fresh looking which is consistent with the rest of the site.

The screen tool has a drop down that allows users to choose between dividend stocks, REITs and MLPs. Each investment type has its own data associated with it. Simply enter desired values in the min and max fields for the criteria you want to screen against and off you go.

The screener only includes stocks found on this site so it is limited to NYSE, Nasdaq and AMEX stocks. OTC and foreign exchanges are excluded.

Most of the output from the tool is available to members only however a few stocks will come through that are not protected for members.


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