Retire On Stocks That Rock

Two friends of The Dividend Ladder have launched new membership features and books in the last week. I wanted to take a minute to highlight each of them.

Dividend Stocks Rock

The Dividend Guy has a great blog where he has been covering dividend investment strategies for many years.

Take a look at: Dividend Stocks Rock

Just launched in the last week membership to this site includes US and Canadian dividend lists as well as example portfolios. These 10 portfolio examples can be very helpful when it comes to building income producing investments for the long haul.

Retire With Dividend Growth Stocks

DGSI just published his 2nd book that explains how you can retire by investing in dividend growth stocks.

A few things covered include:

  • Retirement planning
  • Retirement goals
  • Passive income in retirement
  • Having extra to pass on

I enjoyed Dan Mac’s first book and I’m sure this one will be a hit too. It’s on sale for a few more days.

Other posts I’ve been reading so far this week:

I still drive my 14 year old car – My Own Advisor shares why he still drives his old car. He gives some good reasons to avoid putting too much money into a depreciating asset when you could invest it. Both of my cars are over 10 years old although it will soon be time to replace one of them.

Dividend Mantra redesigned his website and it looks fantastic. It’s not easy to go from Blogger to WordPress but Jason was able to get it done. Nice work!

Having a venture portfolio has always been a dream of mine. I like hearing about the progress that Financially Integrated has made. I think his response to my comment about what he would invest in next was pretty interesting.


  1. Thanks for mentioning my book! Really excited so far with the positive reception. It was a lot of working putting it all together over the past few months. I’m excited to finally have it out published and happy that people are enjoying it!
    Dan Mac

    • Dividend Ladder

      I just bought my copy. Looking forward to reading it all the way through.

    • Dividend Ladder

      Hey Mark. Thanks for the offer but I’m still not on Twitter. I need to get it going.

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