Look Who’s Talking – Dividend Investors

Steady as we go so far this week. Here are the dividend and investment posts I’ve been reading.

  • My Own Advisor discusses the top Canadian ETFs and the diversification advantages that these investments provide.
  • A timely post from Million Dollar Journey about timing the market. Is it possible to time the market or should we just buy and hold?
  • See what Dividend Mantra likes about dividend growth investing. He makes 5 solid points about the benefits of this long term approach.
  • Another case for long term investing is the compounding benefits of reinvested dividends. See what the effects can be for those that invest through the dips and flat periods.
  • Read my post over at Dividend Growth Stock Investing that discusses the dividend tools we have built here at the Dividend Ladder.
  • Do you think the Bull Market is over? Matt Krantz tells us what signs to look for. As Matt says, most people don’t do well timing the market.
  • The Dividend Guy shows us 17 dividend stocks that have strong EPS and sales growth. Both of which are core drivers of dividend growth and stock price appreciation.

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