Look Out Below

Stocks have started to slide this week and could push through previous support levels set in recent weeks. The DOW just pushed through 14900 and the S&P is looking like it might go back below 1600. REITs have been getting crushed and I’m glad I moved out of FRT and STWD a month ago. I wasn’t in them long which goes against my long term strategy but being a long term investor doesn’t mean I have to stick with a bad idea.

Could this be the start of a bigger sell off? It all depends on the 10 year treasury yield. If it moves above 2.5% this week then look out below, the floor is much lower.

Here are a few investment and finance related posts I’m reading this week:

Dan Mac has released a really great book on the top 35 dividend growth stocks. This is an informative investment book that every dividend investor should read.

One my favorite dividend posts of the year so far is from the Dividend Guy Blog this week where he explains why dividend investing is better than buying the entire market. He has great analysis and support for his thesis.

The Passive Income earner had June dividend income of $574.98. It’s always great to see what others are earning each month from their dividend investments.

My Own Advisor gives readers advice on how to get rid of a big bank financial advisor. Fees on top of fees are not for me or any other frugal investor.

Get Financially Integrated goes over his bullish BP thesis. This is great analysis for anyone looking at BP right now.

Matt Krantz talks about Yahoo and discusses what it would take to return to dot com valuation levels. Its not headed back to that price point but Marissa Mayer is definitely shaking things up over there.


  1. Thanks for the mention. I expect we may fall a little further and then consolidate around 14500. Good buying opportunities in the next few months if you ask me, rising rates are a sign of economic improvements. Can’t be at .25bps for ever

    • Dividend Ladder

      Exactly right. I’m looking at 1550 as fair value on the S&P. Time will tell if the market agrees.

  2. theJigIsUp

    When the market goes down, dividend investors [usually] love it because now our dividends buy more shares for. So far so good…

    PS, you need to proofread before posting. Or get an editor. The following two sentences have three errors:

    >>My Own Adivsor gives readers advice on how to get rid of a big bank financial advisor. Fee’s on top of fee’s is not for me or any other frugal investor.

    Spell it “Advisor”. And no apostrophes needed for either fees.

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