What Kind Of Investor Do You Want To Be – Results

Thank you to everyone that participated in our poll this week that was centered around our next project. We had over 300 people respond which was fantastic. The results are in and they are clear.

Dividend Skills
Almost everyone said that they wanted to improve their dividend investing skills. Just 6 said they knew it all so clearly there is demand with our audience for a new information product that helps develop dividend skills.


Smart or Beat The Street
There was also a clear winner with the question of whether you want to be a smart dividend investor or do you want to win at investing and beat wall street. I think the average dividend investor doesn’t identify with trying to win the game of Wall street or to beat the street because we are all long term investors that are looking to buy assets that produce cash flow.


Expert or Better
I was very interested to see what everyone would identify with here. I was expecting that expert would win but it turns out most just want to be better dividend investors not experts. This one was closer but still another clear winner.


So what is next?
This was a fun poll to put together and I hope to do more down the road. Soon I will be asking you which stocks you want us to analyze and start publishing posts based on what you want most.

This particular poll was created to help me understand what your needs are so that I can have a product developed that will help you. Based on the data we have today I’m ready to start.

We will be working over the next month to create a informational product (probably more like an eBook that you can read from your PC, phone or tablet) that will show you how to improve your dividend skills with smart dividend investing so that you can become a better dividend investor.

Look for something from us in early May. If you’d like us to notify you when the product is out you can sign up for the waitlist below.


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