Hanging Lose in June

Downside pressure is continuing to threaten the DOW with another close below 1500. The S&P is barely treading above 1600. We are not far from breaking through support levels although I suspect that if we do there will be plenty of buyers ready to step in. Target and Caterpillar both announced dividend increases yesterday but neither had much to show for it. The market seems to just be hanging out right now, waiting for more Fed data.

Here are a few dividend and finance related posts I’ve been reading this week:

Financially Integrated explains why Consumer Staples are a great dividend investment. He also discusses a potential move in Colgate Palmolive.

My Fi Journey has a very transparent post about the downsides to extreme saving. Putting enough money aside can be tough but it is the only way for many of us to reach retirement.

The Dividend guy covers 6 stocks he likes right now. I like WMT and MCD the most out of the stocks he mentions.

The Dividend Monk explains why Coca Cola is fairly valued in the low 40s. Currently KO is trading under $41. The stock is overbought in my opinion but what do I know.

Dividend Growth Stock Investing digs into Cracker Barrel. I wish there was one close to where I live.

Million Dollar Journey explains how stop losses work. I personally hate stop losses because I’ve had too many experiences where I ended up selling a stock at bottom of a short term sell off. It is part of what has made me a better long term value investor.

My Own Advisor shares the May dividend income update. He is on pace to earn almost $7,000 this year in dividend income. Well done.

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