Focusing On The Future

It has been a fun week here at dividend ladder. We formally launched our membership section and published a fun post on what it takes to get rich investing in dividend stocks. Here’s a look at some of my favorite reads this week:

Top Pick
Popular dividend growth stocks – This is a really cool post from DivGro that compares 20 portfolios from different dividend bloggers. You’ll get to see what the top 31 holdings are. I can’t even imagine how many hours this took to put together. What a useful post!

Financial Freedom
Freedom Is King – Dividend Mantra explains why financial freedom is the ultimate status symbol.

Early Retirement Roadmap – Financially Integrated explains his family’s plan to reach early retirement, what it takes to get there and what to do once you are free.

Patience and Investing – Income surfer explains why patience is a virtue and what he does to work on his patience. Do you use a watch list like Bryan does to help you manage upcoming investments?

EPS vs Free Cash Flow – This is an important post for every dividend investor. Understand the difference between these two data points and how they could impact dividend payouts.

Focus On More Than Income – Dividend Growth Investor shares insight on why it is important to focus on growth and dividends, not dividends alone.

Roth vs Traditional IRA – Dan Mac explains the difference between a Roth IRA and a Traditional IRA. It is important to understand what works best for you.

Considering Life Insurance – How much is enough. A thought provoking post from My Own Advisor. I personally have 8 years of salary coverage which I explained in the comment section of Mark’s post.

Passive Income update – WYOR shares a passive income update. Sources include dividends, Lending club and Prosper.


    • Dividend Ladder

      Thanks Mantra. Any mention from you would be much appreciated.

  1. Thanks for the mention Ladder. I wanted to tell you that your membership area looks awesome. I love the new tools and lists! In the first 15 minutes, after I logged in, I had 3 or 4 new investment ideas……plus a fist full of new stocks to analyze. Have a great day

    • Dividend Ladder

      I appreciate the feedback on the lists. That is great news!

  2. Thanks for the mention DL! Much appreciated!

    I too have been able to play around with the new tools in the member’s area and am liking what I see.

  3. Thanks for the mention DL. Looks like you’ve assembled a great set of tools for premium members here. I look forward to experimenting with some of them!

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