Dividend Posts I’m Reading

Here’s a look at what I’m reading this. Most or all if it is dividend related.

1. Always an enjoyable read, Dividend Mantra shares his monthly income and expense report for March 2013. I am always inspired by his ability to manage his expenses so well.

2. Cyprus and Canadian banks have more in common than you think. See what Mike says’s about how the government has its hands in the banks future profits.

3. Have you seen the The Passive Income Earner’s dividend template? Its worth a look.

4. Dividend Monk gives a very detailed breakdown and analysis of Cincinnati Financial – CINF. Most agree the stock’s slow dividend growth is holding them back from buying in.

5. Both Dividend Growth Stock Investing and My Financial Independence Journey covered Lorillard – LO and gave their opinion of the company as a dividend investment.

6. Dividend Growth Investor talked about REITs and what to look for before investing. Its a similar read to our own post on investing in REITs published this week.

7. Get financially integrated talks about a dividend growth strategy and setting goals for passive income.


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