Book Review: 35 Top Dividend Growth Stocks

What more could you want in a portfolio than a fine group of companies raising their dividend year after year? I recently had the chance to read Dan Mac’s new book on the top dividend growth stocks (Find it here on Amazon). In the book he covers what he considers the top 35 dividend growth stocks to own and defends each pick. There is a lot of really strong information in this book for such a low price ($3). As a side note – I have not and will not be receiving any compensation for this review. It is 100% my honest opinion.

If you don’t already know, Dan has a really interesting dividend blog over at DGSI. You can also sign up for his dividend newsletter here.

The Start

The book is an easy and fast read at just under 90 pages. It starts off explaining the dividend growth investment strategy and why it works. I’m a big fan of companies that fit this profile and 99% of the time I don’t buy anything that doesn’t fit this mold. Dan does a great job explaining the benefits of investing in these growth companies and what it takes for a company to achieve this status.

Before investing its important to set and understand your goals. They should be realistic and achievable. Many investors that use the methods described in the book are hoping to build wealth, create financial security or retire early with passive income. This book has a section covering these goals and explains how this form of investing can help us reach those goals.

Stock Picking Criteria

Every investor needs to have a set of rules to live by. Without this investment framework we all become subject to the whims of our emotions and fleeting ideas. Dividend investors use these rules to find the right growth stocks to invest in and hopefully hold for many years. Without giving too much away the book covers 6 very important criteria Dan uses to pick his stocks.

The 35 Dividend Stocks

The final section of the book covers the top 35 dividend growth stocks. You will find a summary of each company, a list of key metrics and a brief investment thesis explaining why the stock is on the list of 35. There are a lot of great stocks on this list but remember to do your own research before making any investments.

What to do next

This is a great book with solid information. Given the low price and time to read it was an easy decision for me to download this book. I think you’ll enjoy it to.

Find it at Amazon

If you have already read this book I’d love to know what you thought of it. Please leave a comment and tell me what you think!

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  1. I just read the book last night as well, and completely agree with your review. Good, quick read full of solid information and some solid dividend growth ideas. I actually researched 3-4 of the stocks in the book that I hadnt looked at before (Union Pacific for example) and am contemplating adding them to my portfolio. Definitely a solid start for those interested in DGI, as well as offering some new viewpoints for those who are currently a fan of the strategy.

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