And We’re Off! – Roundup

Earnings season is finally underway and we’ve had some mixed results so far. Family Dollar and Costco both had very positive reports to offer investors which could be positive for retail outlets. Although I expect that consumers are still looking for a discount and those that can meet that demand will continue to excel. Time will tell.

There is still a lot to come this week. Bank earnings start tomorrow with Wells Fargo and a few others which should be really interesting.

Here are a few blog posts I’ve been reading this week:

Another great post from Financially Integrated about the role of different dividend players. This is an important post for those looking to truly diversify their dividend portfolio.

Most individuals I Know that are just getting started with dividend stocks know very little about MLPs. Check out MiFi Journey’s post that explains Master Limited Partnerships.

If you are looking for inspiration to stay frugal look no further than Dividend Mantra’s recent income/expense report. He was able to put aside almost $3,000 this month.

The Dividend Guy covers some interesting questions from the mailbag. Get his take on market timing, dividend cuts and a few Canadian telecoms.

My Own Advisor covers some important stock market myths that many investors overlook. It’s important to understand how the economy really interacts with the stock market.

Dan Mac just made 4 new dividend stock purchases. This is a very good list of dividend stock buys.


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