A Cool Week At The Beach

I’m off to Cape May New Jersey for the rest of the week just in time for the cold weather to sweep in. Really though it should be quite nice. It’s always a gamble when you go to the beach in September.


I’m continuing to be concerned about the market over the short term and I’m looking to stay defensive for the next few weeks. I still have a good bit of buying power that I’m keeping on the sidelines until I see how things shake out. The Apple conference should be interesting next week for both consumers and investors.

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  1. Zach, thanx for the mention! And have a great holiday. Keep my fingers crossed fot the weather. 🙂

    Here in Vancouver if you bet on the weather, you should bet it will rain and you will be correct 90% of the time (except for 4 weeks in July to Aug).

    The Dividend Ninja

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