92 Countries and Growing – Roundup

I started writing blog posts here at Dividend Ladder in April of this year. Since then visitors have come from over 92 countries to read this blog. That is a pretty cool stat and I hope it keeps growing. Most readers are from the US and Canada before a big drop off to the UK, Sweeden and India. A special thanks to all the dividend blogger friends I’ve made that have helped others discover my blog.


Earlier this week I had a guest post featured at 1500days.com. I’ve very thankful to the 1500’s for allowing me to write a post on their blog. My post was a response to 10 questions the 1500s ask you to answer about yourself. It was a lot of fun to write.

Here are a few blog posts I’ve been reading this week:

The Dividend Guy goes over his investing goals and asset allocation for 2013. How are you doing on your 2013 goals so far? It’s a good time for a checkup.

In another post on goals – Check out how Dividend Mantra is doing with his 4 targets for 2013.

Dividend Growth Stock Investing has a really good discussion post about creating monthly income from dividend stocks. There are some really good points made in the comments about how its more important to buy the best stocks than to buy ones that fit into the ladder.

My Own Advisor has a really good post about your financial mindset and gearing it for success. I can identify with many points made in this post.

I’m always interested to take a peak at other dividend investors portfolio’s. Take a look at a very successful investor’s holdings over at Financially Integrated. He is generating over $1k/month in dividend income.

Thinking buying Coke as a dividend stock? Head over to MiFi Journery for a complete analysis.

Matt Krantz over at USA Today has a good post discussing safe stocks. They are not all created equally.


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